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  • ICICI Prudential Advisor Series - Dynamic Accrual Plan 31.85 0.00(0.00%)
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Nifty 50


10.2600 (-3.3%) 16-03-2018 12:00
Prev Close 10,360.15 Open 10,345.15 High 10,346.30 Low 10,180.25 Details
Asian Paints Ltd.(INE021A01026)
NSE: Asian Paints BSE: 500820 Sector: Chemicals
NSE Mar 16 2018, 4:01
1,160.80 23.90(+3.90%)
BSE Mar 16 2018, 4:01
2,260.90 23.90(+3.90%)
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About Smart View

Tired of juggling through tabs to check your investments & not getting precise data? The wait is over. Now view all your holdings in this Smart View feature. With smart view, you can get a crisp knowledge of your holdings like, Net Invested cost (Net Value of investment post adjustment of Dividends Paid and Redemptions). This helps to analyse the adjusted cost of your investment thereby providing accurate returns on an adjusted basis. You may also choose to view or print the portfolio for a specific period. Choose 'Date Wise’ tab located on top right of this page.

About In Detail View

If you prefer to view all transactions of you investments in detail, our In Detail feature is what you need. With Detailed view, you can track your investments in a comprehensive way like Purchase Dates, Switch-Ins & Switch-Outs, Redemption value, Dividend Reinvested or paid out. Current Balance, Absolute Returns, XIRR all in one expanded view. You may also choose to view or print the portfolio for a specific period. Choose 'Date Wise' tab located on top right of this page.

Month Wise Report

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About Month Wise Report

Ever wondered how have your investments shaped up over the last 12 months or each financial year? Well, the wait is over because this feature allows consolidated view of all holdings in a single click. This will empower you, to have an insight of your portfolio movements on a month to month basis and reinforce to manage portfolio potently, thereby providing better decision making, uncomplicated monitoring & detailed assessment of portfolio.

Customise My View

It’s your account, and you should see what you want - the way you want - when you want. IOL default dashboard gives you a quick and easy to read heads up on your consolidated portfolio’s performance with an ability to slice and dice it with the aid of the graphical charts.

For a custom view, click on my view and create your own convenient dashboard in 4 easy to follow depicted steps to discover how the sub portfolios in your family group are performing. No question will be left unanswered, be it the high or low, the NAV, the investment cost, annualised or absolute returns, dividend earned and or reinvested, short term - long term capital gain or loss, the dates of switch in - switch out, the daily change in value.
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Fixed Deposit

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DIY Portfolio

DIY Portfolio

The intelligent, simplified, rapid and costless way of creating your portfolio

With DIY Portfolio @ you can plan for your investment favourably in less than 2 minutes... Yes, you read it correct, less than 2 minutes.

Why DIY Portfolio?

Investment Overview

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Having created your personalised financial plan based on risk and returns you are comfortable with; create a portfolio of funds that suit your life goal objectives without being pressured into selecting funds or fund houses that do not offer you the level of comfort required. With the information available on the IOL site, an objective selection of funds becomes easy. The best part is that you could create a simulated portfolio and track its performance and fine-tune your selection before making an actual purchase decision, be it a single buy or at regular intervals. The selected funds are populated into a table grid containing the cost and current value, period held, gain accrued, with a buy/sell switch for action at the right time.

Create as many DIY portfolios as you like and let the easy to read the Investment Overview keeps you updated on how your consolidated portfolio is performing.

Graphical Overview

Asset Allocation

Get a snapshot view of how your money has been invested across asset classes through the funds acquired in your portfolio. Equity, debt, gold, cash and other newer classes of assets held are displayed in a pie chart with an ability to further dissect each asset class; say small cap, mid cap, large cap in equity or short medium or long term debt.

Fund House Allocation

Get to know what each fund house selected by you is cross betting on in terms of funds of other houses selected by it within a certain scheme it has put together. It’s the best way of deriving comfort for your decisions to allocate higher amounts on one scheme over the other.

Sector Chart

While the primary selection of assets has been left to the fund house and fund manager, would it not be nice to know if your money has been spread judiciously across sectors or is vested heavily on a few? There are times when money should be bullish on sectors while at others spread itself across the board, or even avoid certain segments. The sector chart is a window into making such analysis.

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