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Future Value Calculator

Lumpsum / Onetime Investment
1,000 1Cr
SIP / Monthly Investment  
1,000 10,000
Investment period Years
1 Years 20 Years
Expected Return (% Annualised) %
5% 55%
Mode of Investment Investment Amount Return Value
SIP Start Now
Onetime Start Now

About Future Value Calculator

get future value calculator online

As per a popular saying, “It’s just not about the money that you make, but the money that you save.” To secure your future, it’s very important to save money to become self-reliant and leady a financially stable life. And a future value calculator can exactly help you determine the future value of your investments made.

What is a future value calculator?

In simple terms, a fund value calculator provides you with an exact estimate of the money that you can expect in the future from your current investments. To ensure that you always stay financially independent and don’t have to face any financial crunch, a fund value calculator helps you calculate the future value of an asset that will be worth on a specific date in the future. It helps you determine how much your investment will pay off in the future.

What is the formula used for calculating the future value of an investment?

Future Value = Present Value x (1 + Rate of Return)^Number of Years.

The InvestOnline future value calculator takes into account the sum of your investment made, the investment period and the expected returns. If you are investing through SIP, you can include that information as well. You can use the InvestOnline future value calculator by filling the above details and you will get an exact estimate of your investment value and the return value which will help you determine your financial capability in the future.

How to use the InvestOnline Future Value Calculator?

InvestOnline future value calculator is easy to use, intuitive to understand and is quick to perform.

To use the InvestOnline future value calculator, do the following:

  • Visit
  • Click on tools and research
  • Select future value calculator
  • Enter the lump sum or SIP amount being invested
  • Enter the investment period
  • Enter the expected return rate
  • On filling these details, you will be able to see a graph determining the value of your investment and returns on the basis of the mode of your investment

Consider the below example to understand the InvestOnline future value calculator in a better way.

  • The lumpsum investment made: ` 20,0000
  • Or investment is made through a SIP of ` 1,000
  • Investment period: 20 years
  • The expected return rate is 5%
  • Total investment amount of SIP comes to ` 2,40,000
  • Whereas, the total investment amount of lump sum is ` 2,00,000
  • The return value on SIP is 170995 and the return value on lump sum investment is ` 3,30,659

Benefits of Using Invest Online Future Value Calculator

  • Investors get the below benefits by using the InvestOnline future value calculator
  • Accurately determine the value of the investment made through SIP or lump sum investment mode
  • Accurately calculate the returns to be expected in the future
  • Raise the number of deposits if the returns are not expected as per their preference
  • Invest in funds that suit their budget and requirement
  • The sliders can be adjusted to gauge the exact returns that an investor can expect from changing the variables of the calculator

The InvestOnline fund value calculator displays both numerical and graphical values of the respective invested amounts stating both the absolute and growth values.

Note: Invest Online recommends a mix of insurance offerings as part of a solid retirement strategy.

FAQs on Fund Value Calculator -

Can InvestOnline fund value calculator be used to calculate other types of investments?

No, the InvestOnline fund value calculator cannot be used to calculator other types of investments except for that of mutual funds.

Is savings calculator the same as fund value calculator?

No, the savings calculator is not the same as the fund value calculator.

What is the right age to start investing?

You can start investing in mutual funds from the age you start earning.