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  • ICICI Prudential Advisor Series - Dynamic Accrual Plan 31.85 0.00(0.00%)
Equities Indices
Nifty 50


10.2600 (-3.3%) 16-03-2018 12:00
Prev Close 10,360.15 Open 10,345.15 High 10,346.30 Low 10,180.25 Details
Asian Paints Ltd.(INE021A01026)
NSE: Asian Paints BSE: 500820 Sector: Chemicals
NSE Mar 16 2018, 4:01
1,160.80 23.90(+3.90%)
BSE Mar 16 2018, 4:01
2,260.90 23.90(+3.90%)
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Favourite Module :
Equity Research, Tools.
Feedback :
I found the website very powerful with regard to analysis and research, packed with many useful features. "Tools and research" section has various tabs and is very powerful part of this website, useful for understanding the technicalities of investment and for self planning purpose. I can definitely use the website as a learning tool. It is indeed a technology driven website.

Information on the mutual funds is fantastic with respect to the best performing fund, performance comparison between funds and many other features. It is very useful to make the right decision even for those having some knowledge about the investment planning.

I found the Equity research can be done off line in a very efficient way. Lot of historical data, information and details are available.

Tons of data and information is bundled together in one place and it is indeed a one stop solution for gathering market dynamics and investment planning.

I am sure going forward this will become more user friendly. I wish this website becomes the most preferred one among the users.

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Shripathi K Marathe

Consultant Food & Beverage Industry

Feedback :
An innovative online platform for financial planning and investment strategy.Best USP found in it's holistic approach to investment strategy with all family members accounts together. Till now it was all me and my highway.But having worked with Abchlor team ,felt it is a privilege for a family to have such great friend along your side. Highly recommended for your financial success.

testimonials on investonline

Prakash Rewani

Favourite Modules:
My Portfolio, Tools
Feedback :
The Design of the website looks fresh and easy. I liked the the tools and research tab as it helps in research which helps in making a decision. Also the mutual fund tab is very informative.

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Priya Abraham

Favourite Modules:
Fund Explorer, Scheme Research, Tools, Market Insights
Feedback :
User Friendly

investonline testimonials

Rajani Hebbalkar

Customer Service Head

Favourite Modules :
My Portfolio, Scheme Research, DIY Portfolio, Market Insights.
Feedback :
Finally a site which suffices your need of choosing between a variety of funds, helping with a lot of information! Layman's delight!

customer testimonails on investonline

Rahul Wadhwani


Fav Modules :
My Portfolio, Funds explorer, Scheme Research, Tools, InvestmentPal.
Feedback :
It has been almost over 15 years that I have been investing in financial products but never seen such detailing on a single platform. Navigation across modules -extremely smooth. Features like Sector & scrip exposure % in My Portfolio commendable .Tools like Portfolio Triggers & Alerts, Single Family Login & Cart Purchase....exceptionally good. Investing & tracking becomes not only easier but interesting too. All glories to the team InvestOnline.

customer reviews of investonline

Priyanka Kumar

Associate Trainer & Faculty - Banking & Finance

Feedback :
The new version of your website is very intuitive and helps in making an informed decision while investing in financial products. I think this will be a boon for the youngsters who are not financially literate, to be able to articulate their financial future by exploring the "easy to use" customised options that is available. This also empowers individuals to make right decisions on their own with the tools that are readily available in the website. Kudos to the Abchlor team for building such a comprehensive and exhaustive website.

investonline testimonials

Mr. Ramakumar

Favourite Module :
My portfolio
Feedback :
This new website, I found very useful in several ways. You can have all the information about your investment very quickly and also have the historical data as well. It provides several inputs which are useful for quick analysis and decision making. Almost everything for your investment is available in " single window". Overall, I found it extremely useful and easy to use. Congratulations.

testimonials on investonline

K S Nair

Retired Professional

Favourite Module :
My Portfilio, Funds Explorer, Tools, Equity Market Insights
Feedback :
Very Customer friendly and professionally designed site. Someone has thought through the whole concept.

testimonials on investonline

Sanjay Malhotra

Senior Management - Banking & Real Estate