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Wedding Planning Calculator

Your present Age Years
18 Years 40 Years
Age at which you will be ready for your wedding Years
18 40
How much expenditure will you incur on the wedding? (at today's price)
0 50 Cr
Rate at which you expect your expenses to inflate by every year? %
0 40
What are the annual returns you can expect on your investment? %
0 40

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Let's Start

About Wedding Planning Calculator

plan the expenses for your wedding using wedding planning calculator

If you love to do things in a proper financial way, then why leave your wedding behind? If you are about to get married and are already preparing for celebrating your D-day, then here’s a wedding plan calculator for you. Since marriage is an expensive affair and requires you to shell out a huge amount of money, the helps you plan things in a much better way so you don’t run out of money on or after your big day.

Many banks and investment portals help you with a wedding planning calculator and schemes that let you plan and invest your money for your big day.

What is a wedding planning calculator?

A wedding planning calculator gives you an estimate of how much returns can you expect to fund your wedding. This calculator requires you to enter a few basic details and gives you the inflation-adjusted budget that you can expect to spend for your wedding celebration. Having a wedding planning calculator helps you take the right financial decision and plan your investment in a better way. Using this calculator, you can never go wrong and can get an perfect estimate of the returns you would get to make your celebration a grand affair.’s wedding planning tool will help you know what would be the cost of the wedding in future based on current expenses keeping inflation as the benchmark. This will further aid you to set aside either a fixed amount right away or add an amount each month to your portfolio to achieve this goal.

Benefits of Using InvestOnline’s Wedding Planning Calculator

Here are a few benefits of using our wedding planning calculator

  • Saves your time from the cumbersome manual calculation process
  • Helps you plan your wedding budget in an efficient way
  • Wedding cost is calculated in no time, thus giving you a clear picture of how much you need to invest in a monthly or on a lumpsum basis
  • With a wedding planning calculator in place, you do not need to consult a financial expert as it offers you the exact returns you can expect as per the investment made
  • You can change your investment age, wedding expenditure in the calculator to get the returns you can expect at different stages

How to use InvestOnline’s wedding planning calculator?

To use InvestOnline’s wedding planning calculator, you need to do the following

  • Visit
  • Click on tools and research
  • Select wedding planning calculator
  • Enter your present age
  • The age at which you would be ready for marriage
  • Enter the amount you estimate you would require for your wedding
  • Rate of inflation
  • Annual returns expected by the bank

Consider the below example to understand InvestOnline’s wedding planning calculator in a better way -


  1. Your present age if 24 years
  2. The age at which you want to get married is 28 years
  3. Consider you would require 50 lakhs for your wedding
  4. The inflation rate is 10%
  5. Annual returns that you are likely to get on your investment is 10%

So as per this, the lump sum amount you need to invest is Rs. 50 lakhs, since the inflation rate is equal to the estimated investment return. If any of it was not same then it would change the whole scenario.