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  • ICICI Prudential Advisor Series - Dynamic Accrual Plan 31.85 0.00(0.00%)
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Nifty 50


10.2600 (-3.3%) 16-03-2018 12:00
Prev Close 10,360.15 Open 10,345.15 High 10,346.30 Low 10,180.25 Details
Asian Paints Ltd.(INE021A01026)
NSE: Asian Paints BSE: 500820 Sector: Chemicals
NSE Mar 16 2018, 4:01
1,160.80 23.90(+3.90%)
BSE Mar 16 2018, 4:01
2,260.90 23.90(+3.90%)
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About Compare Mutual Fund Schemes

Are you finding it difficult to zero down on the right mutual fund from the plethora of funds available in the market? If yes, then the InvestOnline makes it easy for you to compare various mutual funds online in India.

InvestOnline makes it easy for you to select the right mutual fund with its compare mutual fund tool that helps you select the right fund as per your requirement and budget. With InvestOnline mutual fund comparison tool, you can never go wrong and can buy the best mutual fund online in India. The tool allows you to compare various mutual fund schemes on the basis of varied time frames against benchmark indices. The online mutual fund comparison tool also helps you get details about the funds' performance, inception date, fund manager, rating, risk type, portfolio holding and much more. With InvestOnline, you can never go wrong in selecting the best mutual fund as we also offer you expert advice that ensures your hard earned money provides you with substantial returns.

How to Compare Mutual Funds the Smart Way/ things to look out for when Comparing Mutual Funds Online in India -

Here are a few things an investor has to look into while comparing mutual funds online in India to get the best deal and make a worthy investment.

Compare returns:

The first thing an investor has to look into while comparing mutual funds online is to compare the past returns provided by various fund types and its schemes. However, returns are not the only factor that an investor has to consider while selecting the mutual fund as it may or may not provide sustainable returns in the future.

Fund house:

Always choose a fund house that you have sufficient faith to invest your hard earned money in. As an investor, always look for a fund house that can manage your money well and have met their set objectives. To ascertain this, always check how the fund house has performed during different market cycles.

Understand the risk involved:

Every mutual fund investment involves some kind of risk. It is a perception that high-risk funds generate higher returns. However, not all mutual fund investments guarantee high returns and are always subject to market risks. So it is extremely important for an investor to compare mutual funds on the basis of risk-adjusted returns as the overall market performance of the fund has an impact on its NAV.


Always check on a mutual funds ranking as it helps you gauge the overall performance of the fund.

Track the time period:

When comparing mutual funds online, always track the time period as it is a crucial factor that helps you in making the right decision. Track the time period of the funds' performance on the basis of the same fund type which means when comparing equity funds, track the funds' performance in the last 3-4 years, for liquid funds consider the funds' performance in last 6-9 months as they are short-term funds.

With this, it is always important that you compare mutual fund schemes of similar types to choose the right mutual fund online in India.

FAQs on Comparing Mutual Funds Online -

Is comparison of mutual funds online reliable?

Yes, comparison of mutual funds online is very much reliable and helps you pick the right fund for your investment.

How do I measure the performance of a mutual fund?

You can check the performance of a mutual fund by checking its Net Asset Value (NAV) i.e. a funds value minus its liabilities.

Is PAN card important when investing in a mutual fund scheme online in India?

Yes, as per SEBI’s directives and mandatory requirements, it is important for an investor to hold a PAN card to make an investment in the mutual fund market.

What makes mutual funds a good investment option?

Mutual funds provide you better returns compared to other savings scheme and you can start investing it in with an amount as low as ` 500.

Is it wise to compare mutual funds online or should I contact an agent to do so?

It is always a wise idea to compare mutual funds online as they provide you with transparency about the funds' performance and also give you all the required details that help you make an informed decision.